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Trekking from Andora to Cervo

Andora is certainly recognized as a beach holiday destination. You can choose to stay in one of our apartments which will allow you to easily reach the sandy beaches of our coast. But that’s not all. Turning their backs to the sea, everyone will realize that the Mediterranean scrub, which turns into a wood as you go up, crowns the sea. Up there, many paths open up and down between vegetation and dry-stone walls. It is worth leaving your bathing suit at home, even just for an afternoon, and putting on your hiking boots to start discovering the views you can enjoy from above.

From the province of Savona to the province of Imperia, a stage of the Liguria Trail

Perhaps not everyone knows that Liguarian villages are often connected by paths that run on the hills, just a few meters from the sea. Andora is no exception. What we propose is a trek that from Andora leads to Borgo di Cervo, passing through the Ciapà Municipal Park. 

The recommendations for undertaking the path are always the following: desire to move, curiosity to discover the green face of Liguria, good supply of water and good soles. If it’s summer, put on a hat to shelter from the sun. If it’s winter, make sure you have a windbreaker. 

Route duration: 3 and a half hours. Recommended for those who already have a good level of training.

On the starting blocks, from Andora to Cervo

You will reach the area of ​​the Merula stream of Andora, 200 m from the motorway junction, and then head west. You will meet the ancient Roman bridge, although it actually dates back to medieval times, that once connected the Clavesana Castle to Colla Micheri. You cross the bridge and meet the first dirt road, then the climb begins. You will meet stretches of dirt road and groves but also stretches of asphalted road. Keep your senses alert as you enter the typical Ligurian Mediterranean scrub that tastes wild and good. Above all, you will meet the olive tree, the real king of the area.

The road, always uphill for the first part of the excursion, will take you to enjoy views of incredible beauty, between the green of the vegetation and the sea that stretches out below you. Keep your cameras active.

Moving further, you will get to the top of the hill, and the ancient village of Cervo is getting closer. Arriving at Colle Cervo, the view is truly priceless: two gulfs lie below you, that of Diano Marina and that of Andora. The view ranges from Capo Mele to Capo Berta.

The Ciapà Park and its donkey

The Mediterranean scrub typical of the Ligurian Riviera di Ponente still dominates around you with broom, mastic, myrtle, thyme and juniper. At a certain point the Mediterranean scrub gives way to holm oaks and to the pine: you have entered the Ciapà di Cervo municipal park. Don’t worry, now the descent begins.

Inside the park you will find equipped areas for parking: benches, wooden chairs and fountains with drinking water. The ideal place to have a snack or lunch and rest in the shade of the vegetation, that is very dense here.

Along the path that leads to Cervo you will come across the Asineria del Ciapà. The donkey Margherita and its owner Bianca are ready to welcome children with a healthy typically Ligurian snack: Triora bread with local extra virgin olive oil. The curious and affectionate donkey Margherita is available for child-friendly walks to bring the little ones closer to the knowledge of animals and nature.

The magical Borgo di Cervo

You have almost reached your destination. A few meters more and the ancient village of Cervo awaits you with its timeless beauty. Narrow and cobblestone streets, flowers and dreamlike corners. The scenic Piazza dei Corallini is worth a visit, with its majestic Church of San Giovanni Battista standing out, built thanks to donations from local sailors who once traded coral. Surely the beauty of the architecture and the sea below will leave a lasting impression on you.

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